Happy life

Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. But it is crucial to remain positive and hopeful in times of despair. Following a set of steps nicknamed by the acronym, “GREAT DREAM” to a happier and prosperous life.


A simple act of giving and caring for others is a fundamental principle in the pursuit of happiness. Giving doesn’t need to bin the form of just whiling away cash but giving you energy and attention by talking to others and listening to them.


Establishing a meaningful and soulful relationship with valuable people will guide you to content. Maintain a close relationship with family and friends is bound to lead you to happier, healthier and more meaningful life.



Taking care of the body gifted to you is 100% your responsibility. Exercising and taking care of your physical body will lead you away from depression, prevent mood swings and make you happy. The body and mind are one, so taking care of the body is an indirect way of achieving mental bliss.


Realise the fact there is more to life than just going to work in the morning and paying the bills. Tend to notice the world around you and enjoy the little moments by taking your eyes from the 5-inch screen in your palm.

Trying out

Never be satisfied with what you have learned. Have the undying thirst for learning new skills and knowledge. Learning any valuable new techniques can enhance our understanding; add a sense of accomplishment that is accompanied by an increased level of confidence. In simple terms, you are investing in yourself.


Having a sense of aim or direction is crucial in keeping yourself focused and on track to achieve these goals. Achieving these practical and realistic goals will give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness in staying true to your commitment.


Resilience is another term or the capability to bounce back from the negative impacts on our life. Life is filled with its share of despair and stressful moments, but we should never let these get the most of us.


Having a positive outlook on life is imperative. Feelings like joy, contentment, and gratitude fuel our sense of happiness and the way in which we determine our view on life.


Learn to accept who you are by accepting and swallowing your flaws. Stop comparing yourself with others. Always remember you are unique and there’s only one of you across the 7billion out there. Gaining the ability to accept yourself will ease you to allow others.


People who have found the calling to be a part of something else more significant than themselves tend to happier, focused and dedicated. They experience fewer symptoms of stress and anxiety. So be a part of something bigger and commit yourself towards it.








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