Law is not only to the outside b world. It also governs around the family and the family members also must follow the rules sincerely. Family law are the laws which focuses on issues like relationship of the family divorce, adoption and much more. There are lawyers who are specialised in the family cases and can handle all types of situations very easily. Some lawyers even are more focused on particular issues like divorce or adoption. There is no such requirement for a lawyer that he must be specialised in a category. Any lawyer can take the case as long as he is certified. However specialised lawyers are suggested because they would have more experience in the field which would be helpful in winning the case. Here are some of the reasons when a person must hire a Sydney family lawyer :

  1. Divorce

This is the most common type of family court Sydney cases that requires a lawyer to fight for them. Each of the couple hires a Sydney family lawyer who will help the client to come to a settlement and avoid the trail by all means. An experienced lawyer will know that each and every case are not same and must be dealt with in a different manner. The lawyer will develop a strategy and will understand the situating completely. A lot of skill is required for dividing the martial property and proposing for financial support if the client is unable is financially unstable.

  1. Child custody

Child custody is very difficult case and it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. The lawyer must have a strong understanding and must get himself familiar with each and every situation. Usually child custody depends highly on the financial condition of the person. So if the client is financially strong, then he/she can win the custody. But if it seems that the case is too weak and the client may lose, then the lawyer must pledge for a joint custody of the child.

  1. Paternity

In the absence of the father paternity is filed by the mother to get some financial support and secure the child support payment from the absent father. Even the biological father can also file for the paternity in order to have a relationship with his child. Paternity is determined through the testing of the DNA.

  1. Adoption

Usually adopting a foster child does not require legal representation. But still the couple must consult a family attorney to understand the situation. The process of adopting a child can be a complex process and it differs as per the type of adoption.

Related practice areas

There are other legal practise areas which intersect with the family court Sydney law. There are situations like domestic violence, child abuse and other injustice that a family member faces. So the lawyers must fight for them and protect the victim from the abuser. The family member who is guilty may even go to jail if he breaks the laws. Family court determines how to protect the victim.

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