If you have been desperately searching for some information on IBM Analytics, then we are more than happy to offer the same. We are going to discuss IBM Analytics in detail in this article. IBM Analytics is the latest buzz word in the tech industry. IBM Analytics holds extreme significance in today’s world, where everything is data centric. We are living in an era where data complexity is a thing and we need the help of technologies like IBM Analytics to deal with the complexity of the data presented to us. Whether it is Internet of Things (IoT), social media, AI or mobile devices, the data explosion is something which is very real. We have to deal with new sources and forms of data every day. We need big data analytics to effectively sort this enormous data. We will have to rely on advanced data analytic techniques like IBM Analytics to deal with the complexity. What we have before us is diverse, very large data sets. You get to deal with unstructured, semi-structured and structured data. And they come from various sources; as for the size of the data is concerned it can go from terabytes to zettabytes. 

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Understanding big data 

Before we learn more about IBM Analytics, we need to understand big data. 

  • Big data simply means the data which cannot be stored or processed by the normal database.  
  • Normal databases will not be able to capture, manage or process big data. The type and size of this data can be beyond the scope of regular databases. 
  • When it comes to big data, we can associate the terms like high variety, high velocity and high volume to it.  
  • As far as the source of big data is concerned, it can come from various sources including social media, web, log files, networks, devices, sensors etc.  
  • And you need to understand the fact that big data is generated in real time. And the scale of this data production is huge. 

You need tools like IBM Analytics to effectively sort this huge data. 

Analyzing big data 

Let’s see how we can effectively analyze this big data. When you properly analyze this big data, business owners, researchers and analysts will be able to make faster and better decisions. Or in other words, you will be using the data which was considered to be unusable or inaccessible. Here you will be employing advanced data analytics technologies. You will be using technologies like machine learning, text analytics, natural language processing, statistics and data mining. Businesses are going to benefit the most. They can use this new found data to analyze the latest trends in the market. They will be able to get a clear picture of how customers think. You will have access to real time data on the latest trends. As a result, you will be able to make faster and better decisions which are going to benefit your business beyond your expectation. And all that you need is IBM Analytics for this process.

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