How to Optimize Images for Search Engines

‘Do I need an image in my article?’ you may being wondering. We think the answer is always yes. Why? Not only do images give readers an enticing visual and make chunks of text less daunting, but they’re great SEO value.

As with text, images are best optimized for search engines like Google, and for the user experience. To help you make the most of images in SEO blogs, we’ve thrown together a 101 on what this involves.


What is image SEO?

First, let’s breakdown why visuals are important and what image SEO is all about.

Visual information has always been important for humans. This is because words are abstract and require more effort to comprehend. In English, we often need to string a few together before we can form an idea. Images are concrete and convey an idea in a single instance.

So, a picture is easier to remember than words. Content with images tend to have more attention, subscribers, sales, and higher ROI. It’s a clear advantage.

SEO company encompasses strategies to optimize, or get the best search engine ranking, for a webpage. There are a range of techniques to choose from to achieve this –  in each of the stages of keyword selection, content generation, and platform publication.

Image SEO encompasses the techniques that optimize a picture for the internet. These span aspects including (but not limited to) filenames, dimensions, captions, and alignment. Doing these right, have various benefits, such as:

  • Faster load times – search engines know people want information, and they want it fast, making this crucial to how the website ranks in results. This means…
  • Higher ranks
  • More traffic – since more than 60% of Google image viewers check out the source
  • More user-friendly content – since this is better readability than a chunk of text
  • More shares – when people like what they see, it evokes an emotional response, or they consider it relevant, they’re likely to share it on social media and elsewhere
  • More viral content – this is great stuff for buzz marketing

The list goes on. With the clear importance of image SEO in the modern world, the question is: how do you do it?

Here are some top techniques…

  1. Choose relevant, original images

Using your own images of quality adds way more value than stock photos. This helps you avoid generic looking content, and allows you to better match the image to your content. Matching images to particular parts of text emphasizes the subject and illustrates your main messages.

  1. File names

Once you have your image, the next step is choosing a file name. Yes, this minute detail can make all the difference to your optimization and ranking.

This is where you can bring in your keywords. When you upload the image and have to name it, think of something descriptive containing this. Never use a default image file name, nor something generic like “Diagram3”.

  1. Alt text

So it goes, one of the most important aspects of image SEO is alternative text. This refers to the tags telling Google what the image is, in more detail than the file name. You need to use unique descriptive tags since search engines can’t yet see an image like us humans.

Ten or so tags accurately detailing the attributes, including your keywords, should do the trick. You may also use captions in this token.

4. File size

The key is to scale images down to the smallest fit you can while keeping the highest possible quality, in order to maximize the speed your page loads, which in turn is good for bounce rate.

So, turns out that visuals are incredibly valuable to SEO content. And the great news is, there is a great list of tips to help you optimize them alongside your content and make your way into those top spots of Google.

Top Agencies of Balloon Delivery in Sydney

There are many famous teams of balloon delivery in Sydney among which some of them are very popular for the high quality balloons as well as the services given to the customers. Some of those suppliers of balloon delivery around Sydney are noted and the services are briefly explained below.

  1. Airtasker

This is a platform in which many of the suppliers and deliverers of balloons in Sydney are joined so that the customer can easily avail the balloons within no time. Around fifty seven suppliers of balloon transfer within Sydney are integrated in the team so that the regional categorization is also available for the customer. The no obligation quotes is also provided by the team members in the official website. Whatever task is needed by the customer he or she can post it on the website so that they can be informed about the offers or any other kinds of discounts. This is the main attraction of the team which makes them very different from the other teams of zeppelins conveyance in Sydney.

high quality balloons

Another attraction of the team is that they the most nearby team of skilled supply of balloons will be easily connected to the customer which makes everything very easy. The testimonials and reviews by the earlier customers also make the selection easier. There are many offers and discount schemes available for the customers from which one can select the most appropriate one. All these are the benefits which are exclusively available for the customers of Airtasker which makes them the most asked for among the teams of inflatable supply around Sydney.

The areas in which the services of the team are available includes Illawarra, Baulkham Hills and Hawkesbury, Blacktown, Eastern suburbs of Sydney, West Sydney- Inner south, West Sydney- Inner, North Sydney, Northern Beaches of Sydney, South West Sydney- Outer, west Sydney- Outer, Parramatta, South West Sydney and many more. The accessibility of the team in almost all the parts of Sydney is also one of the major reasons why most of the customers get attracted to the team than the other teams of airships carriage in Sydney.

2. Balloon Event Company

The company has been established in the year 2000 which is the first and foremost suppliers of the customized imprinted balloons in the Sydney. The main attraction of the team is the sizes available for the making of balloon which make them very special for the promotional activities than the other agencies of air balloon distribution within Sydney. The team gives high attention to the needs of their customers so that all kind of possible customization is done and encouraged by the team. This is also another reason why they have become the most asked for among the air bags dispatch.

There are many teams of balloon delivery nearby Sydney among which the two teams namely, Airtasker and Balloon Event Company have made their signature in the balloons and services they provide. The quality of the balloons and the versatile services given to the customers are two of the major attractions of the team than the other teams of balloon delivery in Sydney.

Improve Your Dental Health by Braces Windsor

Dental health is very important. Sometimes you may need to have regular dental checkup. If you are such a person, you need a health companion that is very understanding and caring. At braces Windsor, here you will meet highly rated dentists. They are devoted in the field of dental surgery. They offer different dental services. Since they are professionals, they always take time to listen to your dental problem before they take an action. They too take into consideration the fact that you need to be consulted about any action they intend to take over your body. They are aware that some individuals have developed a number of phobias including the needle phobia. They therefore cannot subject you to any of such torture. May be this could be the reason why their services are very popular. 

You are advised to regularly go for a check up to enhance the health of your teeth. Healthy teeth can be a source of joy. They can brighten up your smile, and flavors up your confidence. This will eventually give you morale in all your endeavors all day long. If you don’t take regular teeth check-ups, you risk suffering from teeth decay. This problem can worsen up and may eventually lead to losing your precious tooth. Children too are advised to have their teeth checked regularly. If your kid has to grow with healthy teeth that mean that you need to play a great role. Let his or her teeth checked and rectified regularly at braces Windsor. They say that always prevention is better than cure. It is better to control a problem earlier and avoid all problems that could have been brought in the future. 

These dental experts from braces Windsor are very calm. They carefully listen to their patients before making any prescription. They are always very eager to listen, and in fact they are prepared to answer as many questions as possible from their patients. They are experts in counseling patients and helping them to make informed decisions as far as dental health is concerned. When they are about to handle your problem, they talk to you, inform you about what they are about to do to you, they prepare you psychologically and then goes ahead to perform a surgery in that matter. They do so to make you feel that you are on the safe and secure hands. 


The decision to seek the braces Windsor is one of the wisest decisions that you can ever make. Protect the dental health of your family by ensuring that they are always attending regular checkup. Their services range from teeth whitening, root canal treatment, teeth extractions, dental emergencies, and dental implants to name but a few. Their services are highly praised. The experiences that they have gathered over the decades they have worked has enabled them provide the patients with exemplary services in town. Visit them today and have all of your dental complications sorted. You will meet with the most qualified personnel who are always ready to listen to you.

Child Care Bella Vista for Our Younger Generation

Parents prefer to give good learning atmosphere to their children, child care Bella Vista provides safe and secure environment for learning to the young children. Early learning experience is the key factors of a child’s emotional and educational growth. We could send very young children to these centres with confidence since they are experienced child care professionals. They provide a homely atmosphere in this centre and care each child in a scientific way. Youngster protection in Bella Vista stars their learning process in a play way method which is the most suitable way of learning to these kids.

Child care in Bella Vista is located in a convenient place to the parents, with adequate parking facility. Kids learning process requires lot of patients and s, kill, the teacher here are well qualified in this area of play way method. The play way method is often called as play therapy since it is conducted in a scientific way. Kids will learn simple things while they are playing, this method is helpful for developing a healthier emotional status in these young children. Child friendly and individualised policy gives a warm atmosphere to the children and their parents.

child friendly environment

Little one keeping in Bella Vista give a proven learning programme for these young children based on the educational policy of the country. The curriculum adapted here is helpful for integrating the children to the mainstream education. These centres prepare kids to be efficient for school learning by giving the specially designed school preparedness programme. The process gives some kind of conditioning to the children with adequate skills to become a part of school education. Younger one custody in Bella Vista not only give good learning experience to these young kids but also they provide good quality nutritious food. These centres have qualified and experienced cook for preparing food for these young ones. Trusted child care Bella Vista uses good quality fresh materials for preparing food. The Government authorities have prescribed quality and quantity of food to be given to young children. The approved centres are giving the sufficient food to these children to meet the nutritious requirements prescribed.

Child care in Bella Vista provides good indoor and protected outdoor playing area for the free and independent movements. Children are allowed to play independently under supervision. The playing experience is helpful for developing physical and mental strength. Peer group interaction will help the children to learn the basics of social behaviour. Social behavioural manners, table manners etc. also form a part of the curriculum which will be transacted through play methods. We must see that there is not formal education programme for these very young children, the activity oriented play way method based on the general curriculum is followed here.

Child care in Bella Vista welcomes parents to their class rooms any time. Children are growing naturally in a friendly environment with an informal learning process in the general picture of these centres. Moreover working parents find a safe and secure place in these child care centres. They spend their office time with peace of mind while their children are in the safe hands of the professionals of child care Bella Vista.

Everything You Need To Know About IBM Analytics

If you have been desperately searching for some information on IBM Analytics, then we are more than happy to offer the same. We are going to discuss IBM Analytics in detail in this article. IBM Analytics is the latest buzz word in the tech industry. IBM Analytics holds extreme significance in today’s world, where everything is data centric. We are living in an era where data complexity is a thing and we need the help of technologies like IBM Analytics to deal with the complexity of the data presented to us. Whether it is Internet of Things (IoT), social media, AI or mobile devices, the data explosion is something which is very real. We have to deal with new sources and forms of data every day. We need big data analytics to effectively sort this enormous data. We will have to rely on advanced data analytic techniques like IBM Analytics to deal with the complexity. What we have before us is diverse, very large data sets. You get to deal with unstructured, semi-structured and structured data. And they come from various sources; as for the size of the data is concerned it can go from terabytes to zettabytes. 

data analysis

Understanding big data 

Before we learn more about IBM Analytics, we need to understand big data. 

  • Big data simply means the data which cannot be stored or processed by the normal database.  
  • Normal databases will not be able to capture, manage or process big data. The type and size of this data can be beyond the scope of regular databases. 
  • When it comes to big data, we can associate the terms like high variety, high velocity and high volume to it.  
  • As far as the source of big data is concerned, it can come from various sources including social media, web, log files, networks, devices, sensors etc.  
  • And you need to understand the fact that big data is generated in real time. And the scale of this data production is huge. 

You need tools like IBM Analytics to effectively sort this huge data. 

Analyzing big data 

Let’s see how we can effectively analyze this big data. When you properly analyze this big data, business owners, researchers and analysts will be able to make faster and better decisions. Or in other words, you will be using the data which was considered to be unusable or inaccessible. Here you will be employing advanced data analytics technologies. You will be using technologies like machine learning, text analytics, natural language processing, statistics and data mining. Businesses are going to benefit the most. They can use this new found data to analyze the latest trends in the market. They will be able to get a clear picture of how customers think. You will have access to real time data on the latest trends. As a result, you will be able to make faster and better decisions which are going to benefit your business beyond your expectation. And all that you need is IBM Analytics for this process.

Ten Simple Steps to a Happier Life

Happy life

Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. But it is crucial to remain positive and hopeful in times of despair. Following a set of steps nicknamed by the acronym, “GREAT DREAM” to a happier and prosperous life.


A simple act of giving and caring for others is a fundamental principle in the pursuit of happiness. Giving doesn’t need to bin the form of just whiling away cash but giving you energy and attention by talking to others and listening to them.


Establishing a meaningful and soulful relationship with valuable people will guide you to content. Maintain a close relationship with family and friends is bound to lead you to happier, healthier and more meaningful life.



Taking care of the body gifted to you is 100% your responsibility. Exercising and taking care of your physical body will lead you away from depression, prevent mood swings and make you happy. The body and mind are one, so taking care of the body is an indirect way of achieving mental bliss.


Realise the fact there is more to life than just going to work in the morning and paying the bills. Tend to notice the world around you and enjoy the little moments by taking your eyes from the 5-inch screen in your palm.

Trying out

Never be satisfied with what you have learned. Have the undying thirst for learning new skills and knowledge. Learning any valuable new techniques can enhance our understanding; add a sense of accomplishment that is accompanied by an increased level of confidence. In simple terms, you are investing in yourself.


Having a sense of aim or direction is crucial in keeping yourself focused and on track to achieve these goals. Achieving these practical and realistic goals will give you a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness in staying true to your commitment.


Resilience is another term or the capability to bounce back from the negative impacts on our life. Life is filled with its share of despair and stressful moments, but we should never let these get the most of us.


Having a positive outlook on life is imperative. Feelings like joy, contentment, and gratitude fuel our sense of happiness and the way in which we determine our view on life.


Learn to accept who you are by accepting and swallowing your flaws. Stop comparing yourself with others. Always remember you are unique and there’s only one of you across the 7billion out there. Gaining the ability to accept yourself will ease you to allow others.


People who have found the calling to be a part of something else more significant than themselves tend to happier, focused and dedicated. They experience fewer symptoms of stress and anxiety. So be a part of something bigger and commit yourself towards it.








Five Best Tech Gifts of 2018

Tech Gifts

Plan on getting gifts to your dear one? Then get them the best of what technology has to offer this season. It’s on everyone’s to-do list to acquire the latest or gift them one of the trending tech available in the market. Here are five of the best latest technological devices that are guaranteed to put a smile on your dear one’s face.

Gaming Consoles

The titans that stand tall in the gaming console league are of three main competitors, Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch. These consoles have extreme fun to play with your dear ones and provide one hell of a gaming experience through their advancement of using 4K technology now. Some of the sickest games out there are available on these consoles. Do not forget to buy games long with these consoles before you gift them.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers continue to gain popularity through the year. This fantastic gadget is the next level of digital watches and is in high demand in the market. These devices would make great gifts to anyone as they not only include a feature that displays time but track your daily exercise and health index through its high tech sensors and elements. Adding to their list of features is the introduction of picking up calls, reading texts, replying and heart monitors. Fitbit Charge 2 is the best that is out there currently.

Fitness Tracker

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers have recently begun gaining traction and are one of the hottest tech items in the market. This intelligent speaker can call, answer your queries, start Netflix, play music, and update you on football scores, news and weather by merely asking it a question. The Amazon Echo is the best smart speaker money can buy in out there. So get your hands on them quickly before it gets out of stock.

Media Streaming Devices

These marvelous devices are increasingly becoming famous in everyone’s homes these days. Media streaming devices allow you to have the capability of watching your favorite Netflix show by turning any TV into a smart TV through devices like Amazon Fire Stock and Roku Express. You can stream 4K contents as long as the TV supports it. This is the best and cheapest to way to watch what you want anywhere and everywhere. Another tip to be noted is that this vice has no remote, nut is remotely voice triggered and activated.


Drones have increasingly been seeing hovering in the skies these days. These fun and amazing devices that take a flight enable and allow us to take stunning aerial photos and videos of high definition which were only a dream until now. Drones are a lot of fun to maneuver through remote control. Another useful feature is that drones can be bought according to different budgets, they vary anywhere from $50 – $1000.




Avicii went too soon


Tim Bergling was pronounced dead in Muscat, Oman on April 28th. The passionate and soulful disc jockey artist was at the forefront of the electro dance music scene taking over the world by storm. This poor soul went away too fast at a tender age of 28.

Initially known by the name Tim Bergling, the Swedish DJ turned producer died of an apparent suicide. The Bergling family had issued a statement saying; he was struggling to find peace, happiness and the meaning of life, but could no longer hold it.

His career launched with rocketing him into the top of the charts with the release of his first and catchy song, levels. This song went on to demolish the music billboard and continue to be featured by many other prominent DJs and shows.


In the next few years at the peak of his career, he was flooded with fame and support showered by his fans and moreover was one of the most demanded artists to collaborate at the time. Avicii had worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, Madonna, MajorLazer, Coldplay, Daft Punk and much more.  All of his collaborations were met with high expectations which he met with beyond expectations.

His tours were packed and expanded worldwide. He was listed as the third highest paid DJ by Forbes magazine earning revenue of around 28 million dollars a year.

Despite all of his glory and success, this music prodigy had a difficult time adapting to how his life was going and how things were changing from his original plan. His music had attracted millions of fans. It was at this peak of his career in 2016 when he decided to stop touring which broke the hearts of millions. He promised he would not stop making music and continue to produce great music through his studio where he was more comfortable and at home.

In a recent statement released to the press by his family stated that Tim due to the love of his profession could not handle it being slowly turned into a business and was of a more spotlight-shy guy who just wanted to make good music and make his audience disappear in the euphoria of his music.


Tips on how to save when earning a minimal wage


Everyone wants to have future retirement plans and have enough money after everything to travel and do what your heart desires. But this can be difficult while getting by on a minimum wage. Dealing with finances can be hectic, but do remember to always think ahead about the future before you spend it all in the present. Here are a few tips that would help tackle that barricade.

Paying Debts

After paying your debts there usually is only an insignificant amount which is generally spent then and there itself leaving non for savings. To tackle debts, prioritize your accumulations to pay off your high-interest debts first and then slowly save little by little by little regardless the amount. When paying off your debts do not accumulate other liabilities, as this can be a chain reaction.

Reduce your biggest expense

Cut down on your most significant unnecessary costs. While surviving on a minimum wage, trying to get by can be a challenge, but isn’t impossible. Few tips would be to cut your cable if you’re not using it, consider downsizing to a smaller room if rent is too high and refinancing your mortgage at a much lower rate. Living with roommates can help you save more.

Take advantage of free money


Individuals hailing from a minimal or low-income background are valid to qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit, or EITC initiated the United States Federal Government. According to the department availing of EITC can be a lifesaver as it helps you keep more of what you have earned by refunding a large portion of your taxes. This will enable you to have at least a few thousand dollars in hand. 401K at work can also help you save significant amounts by matching up your contributions by the company.

Lean budget

To inculcate the habit and desire to save would involve you to take control of what and how much to spend. Minimize your budget only to necessities and cut down on unnecessary spending. Just keep the principle of nominal spending in your mind before whiling away money.

Start a side income

Starting a side hustle income would be a good option of increasing your revenue and savings if you can’t find any other means of cutting down cost. Apart from your full-time job, try getting a side job which is relatively more relaxed and a method of easy money. Freelance writing, data entry are few options of a side hustle.

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